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2019 Rosato di Barbera

2019 Rosato di Barbera

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Refreshing. Distinctive. Strawberries, pears, a little white peach. A hint of grapefruit and a smidge of black cherry. This rosé is all about the fruit. Think “crisp,” not “sweet,” with a touch of lemonade in the surprisingly silky finish.

Most rosé wines don’t take themselves terribly seriously—and in our opinion, they shouldn’t have to. Still, a great dry rosé, like our 2018 Rosato di Barbera, is a labor of love that’s “purpose built,” not a happy accident. It takes a lot of smart choices about fruit—we select Barbera from a Certified Sustainable vineyard in the cooler Clarksburg appellation of Northern California—and about yeast, plus a lot of hand labor and the patience of a saint to leave the juice on the skins for just the right amount of time. But it pays off. From the first time we tasted this vintage, we knew we got it right. Give it a taste—you’ll see what we mean.


After a warm, dry February that encouraged the vineyard to early bud break, Clarksburg returned to winter conditions with adequate but not excessive rain. Warm summer temperatures were ideal for maturing fruit and a long, warm, dry fall encouraged development of rich color and flavor.



Clarksburg, California; vineyard certified sustainable


100% Barbera




0.65 g/100 mL

Residual Sugar:




Malolactic Fermentation:


Barrel Aging:

100% stainless (fermentation and aging)

Harvest Date:

October 8, 2019

Brix at Harvest:


Bottling Date:

September 11, 2020

Release Date:

September 11, 2020

Cases Produced:




Ask Clarksburg locals about vineyard stewardship, and they’ll tell you to see Papa Steve, Stephen, and Mike Heringer, whose 20-acre Barbera vineyard is certified sustainable. No surprise there—they’ve been farming this land for six generations. The unique micro-climate of the sixteen-mile-long, eight-mile-wide Clarksburg appellation has warm summer days that are a bit cooler than nearby Sacramento. Afternoon breezes from San Francisco Bay cool the vines, preserving acidity as the grapes ripen.


This Rosato is “must” with Asian food. It’s also great with barbequed, spice-rubbed chicken or Spanish tapas. There’s enough acidity to stand up to the richness of salmon or creamy, stuffed eggs. And, for summer, it’s the perfect aperitif. (But we never told you to put an ice cube in it!)